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How to get hip down in develope...?


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Hiya! I really need some advice on how to keep my hip down in develope. I have been trying to for ages and its my major problem that I can't get rid of. I have a vocational exam next week and I REALLY need to sort this out! Any advice please...?

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Keeping the hip in place in front and side extensions is a matter of starting with correct alignment and weight placement, and keeping your extensions at a level that will let you maintain the alignment and using your best rotation. You stated earlier that you are 13, and at that age your ability and strength to lift the leg very high with rotation and alignment may not be there yet. So, lower the leg a bit and see if you can do that without lifting the hip. If so, then start there, and gradually, over the next couple of years, keep increasing the extension without allowing the hip to lift. Remember, you are in charge here. The hip doesn't lift itself!  You can allow it to lift, or not to lift. :)  "Kicking"  high is one thing, but a developé is another. Even if you have a lot of flexibility, you may not yet have the strength and control of your alignment and rotation to get the leg as high as would like. 

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Thank you, this is really helpful! I will try!

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