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Training options for fall

Lady Elle

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Hello again!  17 year old highschool senior has another studio shake up so she'll be making some choices for next fall.  Great consistant teachers with a not-so-optimal schedule or some good/some not so good teachers with a better schedule?? She has had the worst luck with local ballet studio stuff it's very frustrating!  Thoughts?

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Lady Elle, would you give us a bit more information on the differences in the schedules?  While more is not always better, and great teachers are always better, if there is a drastic difference in the amount of training, then we need to consider that. 

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 Yes, I'll get back to you on that this evening. 

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Monday - Saturday 1.5 hour tech

in addition to that:

Wed, 30 monute conditioning before tech, 30 minute variation after tech

Thursday 1 hour modern before tech

Friday 1 hr point after tech

Sat - 1 hr jazz & 1 hr pas after tech


The owners/directors/teachers are renting space within another studio so their evening time is limited.  They also have a prepro rday program that is 4 hours a day which would be wonderful but doesn't work with my dd's school schedule.  We will revisit home schooling but it's her senior year and I think that would really make her sad.  The director called write after I posted yesterday (hi, if you're on here!) and we're meeting up for coffee to discuss the possibilities.  

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The only problem I see is not enough pointe. Six days of tech is good, modern, jazz and conditioning fine, but 2.5 total hours on pointe is not really enough. 

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Oh - the other schedules

one studio basically 2 hours Monday - Sat tech with point.  i think they have pilates once or twice a week.

last years studio:

1.5 tech M-Sat with additional;

Monday - 1 hr tap & 1 hr modern

Tuesday - 1 hr variations

Wednesday - 30 minute pointe

Thursday - 1 hr pointe/variation

Friday - 30 min pointe

Saturday - 30 minute pointe, 1 hr jazz

and a lot of rehearsal which dd won't be doing as much as the company fees are too much for us as we will need to travel for college auditions and have my older dd's wedding.

Oh, and I know tap is uneccessary for ballet, but my dd is quite a tapper and well, the Rockettes for a season is on her bucket list!


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Victoria, I totally agree.  If it were a closer studio, she could go to some of the classes during the day and some at night but it's just too far to go and have a 4 hour break between classes.  We'll see what we can work out.  Thank you!

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Okay, please clarify for me that you are looking at two new schools and the schedule at one of them is 2 hour classes, but no separate pointe/var./pas. The schedule at last years studio is somewhat better than either of the others. Am I confused? :shrug:

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No, you're not confused and you interpretted my intention correctly!  The first schedule is with the directors and teachers that she really loves and resonates with (they taught at her studio this past year... Long story, too much drama, not important).  The school with the 2 hr classes daily is close, very well established, Vaganova (which she has not had).  Then the other with the studio from last year with a big question mark as to who will be teaching (and quite possibly a change in this schedule as well).  

There is one other studio I'll be checking out.  The schedule online is a bit unclear.  

Thanks Victoria!

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Just a follow up - the studio with the teachers she really loves (and they are very good) has increased their classes for the fall.  Yay!  It is a very good schedule.  ?

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That's great! Glad it worked out. :) I wish DD's studio would increase its classes, but that will never happen... 

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