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Anyone have fall placement info yet for 2017-2018?


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Does anyone have fall placement info yet for 2017-2018?  I was told my DKs will be assessed last week of July once they are back from their SI.  Curious to see if anyone has gotten their fall schedules yet tough.

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My son's school gives us the level and schedule in May when (if) we get the invitation for him to reenroll. 

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Boston Ballet sends out the placements at the end of May. We don't know the schedule and the teachers until the classes start though.

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We are waiting here, and will likely be waiting another 4 weeks. DD12 will move up, I am confident, as will the vast majority of girls (it is common to repeat some levels but not this one--they started pointe last October so repeating the level would mean coming off pointe for the first several weeks of the year, apparently rare). However,  we will likely not find out placement into which section of the new level until the end of the SI. The division into the different sections is by evaluation done in spring and summer (all are encouraged to stay at our company-affiliated school SI at this age, not go elsewhere), so it will be interesting to see how they are divided. I know there will be three 2-hour ballet classes/week (technique then pointe) in her new level, plus a 4th technique class a week for the students in an auditioned group, but I do not know which days/times class will be, so that is always an interesting mystery this time of year! The "extras" (theater/jazz/character) are usually the same days of the week year to year...but I guess that could always change as well! 

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DD9 is beginning a full-time program in the fall. To my delight, we got all the details in the first week of June including core and elective classes and total costs. We also know which competitions she'll be invited to do (and the rationale behind them.) DD is finally in a place where they have the training she wants, and it feels like quite the bonus that I didn't have to wait through a 3 hour lineup to cobble together a schedule full of not-so-great workarounds.

Good luck to all the kids and families who are still waiting for the word! 

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Our school sends out assessments and placements at the end of the year. We then have two weeks to register for fall or the spot isn't guaranteed. (Our school is newer and still growing). The schedule for next year is posted at the same time but not the teachers. There is a set schedule for each level, so there isn't a scramble to get the classes you want like there was at her old school. Sometime closer to the start of classes in the fall they send out the handbook with the schedule and teachers listed. There are sometimes slight changes from the schedule posted in June, but it's pretty close. Since we don't get to choose the classes/times, it's nice to get the schedule early so I can try to figure out schedules for my other, non-dancing daughter. 

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Our pre-pro school gives evaluations at the end of the year with placement for the upcoming season. For recreational dancers, these placements usually stick. The pre-pro kids are "auditioned" in April, but they are  re-assessed again in August after SI's for actual placement.  

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We get placements and schedules in the spring, but our "fall" starts in late July since that is when schools starts up again (we are on year round schedules). 

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We got DD's placement and schedule late April. I can't even imagine coming up on a new school year and not knowing what her schedule would be. It takes me the whole summer to work out my carpooling, lol! Luckily, there are assigned classes at each level, so it isn't a scramble to get certain classes once assignments come out. Some girls are reassigned after the summer intensive, but DD just moved up, so obviously she is going to stay where she got placed. They do a performance associated with the intensive and she gets to do her first pointe role in a performance, so she is having a great summer! (she just turned 13)

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Oops! Just realized I posted in the wrong forum - DD only just turned 13, so this is the one I'm used to looking at :)


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Justinitforfun, not having a schedule stinks, trust me! I really envy you and others who know what to expect. 

 Last year we got ours August 1. Class started 3 weeks later. It makes it very hard to plan. Dd is now 12, so we are expecting a 6 day per week schedule, similar to how she ended last year. But I have a Ds(14) too and I'd love to know if I am getting a day off this year. 

This is an anxious placement year for us because we really hoping she gets into the prepro program this year. If not, there is a better known school with a very solid prepro program that has offered her a spot, but it's more of a pain logistically.  

ughhhh the wait

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We got DD's placement in May. There is some movement if you attend the home intensive, but I don't think DD has any chance of her placement changing. She's too young for pointe and that starts at the level after the one she's placed into for fall. 

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My Dd just received hers this week, but they don't start registration until late July. Schools don't start until late August/early September here.

What is difficult for us is selecting the dance schedule long before the (academic/day) school schedule even comes out! For example, she only has PE twice a week and if I have the option, I would avoid an early dance class on those days b/c she was already tired and hot. But there is no way to know anywhere near early enough for dance registration, and of course last year both PE days she went straight to dance. 

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As far as I know, most NYC schedules are up and our kids are registered. However, some schools are still holding last-minute auditions through August and early September. 

The schedule comes out before registration opens, so we're able to plan what to register for. Placement results are sent out a few weeks after the schedule is posted, and then returning students can register accordingly. We have the advantage since new students have to wait a few more weeks, and can even be waitlisted although they were accepted from the audition because of limited space. 

We don't know who the teacher will be until the first day of class (I guess one can call the school and find out sooner, but I wouldn't). 

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Fall schedule is out, and it did take about 4 more weeks, just as I thought! There are two sections for the new level (2nd yr pointe) and DD12 was assigned the one with three ballet technique classes not the same days as the "specials", which is fine with us--less "long" days on school nights. So she has one class a day Tues -Fri, two classes Sat (one is the extra technique class), as well as rehearsals Sat/Sun afternoons starting I guess end of Sept/ early OCT (depends on Nut role if she gets cast, then whatever the repertory is for winter & spring). So Monday is the only guaranteed day off and Saturday is going to be a long day, but she'll bring lunch and adjust I am sure.

Now I can get busy figuring out how this will work with the non-dancing D's sport and violin schedule. 

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