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I will be visiting Winnipeg and would like to take some open classes.  I know Royal Winnipeg Ballet has adult classes, but they don't seem to be drop in.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where they offer classes on a drop in basis?  I'm open for any level of ballet.  Thanks.

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Just bumping this up in case any Canadian dancers might see it.  I've had a quick look at the RWB Recreational programme website & it looks lovely! I wonder if you telephoned or emailed them, to ask if it's OK just to attend classes for a week, whether they'd be OK wit that? You can but ask!

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There is never harm in asking.

Just bear in mind that things do work a bit differently in the summer - there is the Professional Division SI the month of July, then there is a shorter SI for the Recreational Division in August.  I would suspect that adult classes would be limited during this time, but that is just surmising on my part.

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Thank you for your replies.  I have contacted them, but it will not be possible to drop in for class the days I am in town.  Too bad, I would have loved the experience!  However, I will stop by the school and have a look around if possible. 

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