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Hello! I am fifteen and dance six days a week. I want to do YAGP this year and get scholarships to SIs, and it would be great to place but I'm not too sure if that's possible. Unfortunately because of my age I'll be in the senior age division (15-19) and that makes me wonder if I will be competing with people much older and more experienced than I am. would that make it really hard for me to do well?

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Pirouettegirl, please realize that it is hard for anyone to place, at any age!  At any age, but perhaps especially at 15, the point of competing is for the experience and for the extra training/coaching that you will receive in preparation. It is a learning and growing experience, and one should not enter with the goal of placing or winning, but only learning and improving. Hoping for placement or a scholarship is fine, but it is not the main reason for entering, especially when you are the youngest in an age group and have never competed before. :) 

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