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How do I get my arches to show in relève?


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I do have arches but they are mainly just my toes curving! I see pictures of people in relève and their foot has an arch. What are some exercises to do this?

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Luisa, if your toes are "curving", as in "curling under", then perhaps you need to find training that teaches you HOW to point your foot correctly.  There are many ways to work on improving the feet, but first one must understand how to work on them. All of your barre exercises are designed to develop the use of the feet if taught correctly. Are you on pointe yet?

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  • Victoria Leigh changed the title to How do I get my arches to show in relève?

Yes i am. What i meant with my toes curling was wrong. My toes make the arch. When i stop pointing them the is no arch. so when i am on relève there is just a straight line down.

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