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self defense training experience


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hi everyone- I thought I would share a recent experience 18yo DS had which might be of interest to you.

After a recent and unnerving experience DS had with some other young men late one night (nothing actually happened but it could have very easily!!), myself and my husband agreed it was time for some self defence training.  DS has never been in a fight or any other type of altercation. Single child, no brothers etc etc.

So DS started attending private self defence classes at a local martial arts gym. It is worth noting that DS is also leaving home in Sept for the big city which adds motivation to all this.

So back to the story. DS came home from the first class really excited and happy. LOVED it. LOVED it. Apparently the teacher was astounded at DS's ability to take direction, learn now movements and listen (no surprises here to us). DS went back to the next class the teacher was again amazed that DS had retained all of the learning from last week.

More importantly DS said that he loved being given permission to get physical, to learn to punch and be aggressive (just in the name of self defence of course).

We have had several discussions about how his social life in the future is likely to centre around going out on the town with groups of lovely young woman and perhaps another guy or two. My speculation is that being very tall and being surrounded by young women may draw the attention of other young men who arent so lucky (slightly tongue in cheek here). My point is that he needs to know how to respond. Of course we should all know this right?

DS has spent a lot of time in a pretty rarified environment (studios) and has pretty limited experience of other scenes. But I think there is also something quietly taught to him by all of his female teachers that it isn't necessary/nice/appropriate to get ugly and angry.

Going to these classes seems to be satisfying his more base male desires to get real ugly, real quick. 

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