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Absolute Beginners - Feature from Portland Mercury Newspaper

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Interesting article from the perspective of a beginning adult ballet dancer (and caution, article contains adult language and political views).  http://www.portlandmercury.com/feature/2017/06/07/19067924/dancing-on-my-own  Politics aside, as this is not a forum for political discussions, I certainly agree with her about using ballet class to free my mind from the hubbub of daily life and really focus on being "in the moment." 

I take exception, however, to the following:  "Taking ballet once a week because you want to is something you can only do when you’re relatively young and relatively unattached, happily so or not."  Whether you're young, old, attached, encumbered, or not, it's important to carve out some "me/self-care" time. And I've got to say, I've been in some open adult classes where I'm one of the youngest (at 50+!) and those dancers are absolutely amazing!  I suspect that her views in this area may change if she continues on this path.



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Thanks for posting this, Millvillemurphs. It's a terrific article, and I like the way that the author is clear that she's there to be in the moment, and not aiming to be a "ballerina" in terms of a career or pointe shoes, or anything aspirational - just learning to dance, and keep on enjoying it. I think that's a really good attitude.

I wonder if the author reads this messageboard?

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