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Echappe problems


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We started a new dance and my teacher choreographed it with many echappe to second and fourth. But I can't seem to slide both feet out equally especially to fourth. It's like the other feet doesn't move out as much as the other. I also notice a slight bounce that I do each time. Is there a way to fix this? 

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Try practicing them at the barre, Balletribbons. And don't try to make the positions too big. :)

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Actually my teacher had been saying we're not making it wide enough. Been trying though and I think it's getting better. However I'm still working on closing to a proper neat fifth position. Since we need to do them quickly and successively, it tends to get messy towards the end. :wacko:

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Well, wider is okay, but AFTER you can accomplish them cleanly when they are somewhat smaller. :)  If the 5th is not clean, check to be sure your fourth position on pointe is crossed, not open!  Practice them standing in croisé at the barre, and check to see that the front leg is going directly in front of the back leg, and not out to the side.

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Ohh that makes so much sense. Hahah:lol: Thank you Ms. Leigh! (And for the speedy response too~) 

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