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Dissatisfied with myself


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Hello, longtime lurker here. Lately I have been feeling dissatisfied with myself after class,as though I should be able to apply my corrections better and that I should be improving faster. I've also been feeling stressed out about my future and feel as though I should be further along technically for my age. I don't worry or really think about these things during class, only after. I'm not sure how to deal with this however, as these feelings as they are causing distress. 

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MKat, you have been a member for several years, but have so few posts, and none with any information about you. Before we try to help you, we need to know more about you. How old are you? How long have you studied ballet? Are you in a pre-pro program? How many classes a week in ballet and pointe? Have you been to SI programs? What are your goals?

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Oops, sorry!:blushing: I'm 17 years old, have been studying ballet seriously for about 3 years and am currently in a local pre-pro program. During the year I take take technique class 6 days a week followed by pointe or variations 4 days. I attended summer programs the past two years but was not able to this year. My aspiration is to become a professional ballet dancer, although I am also open to pursuing other forms of dance. 

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Okay, MKat. Thank you for bringing us up to date. :)  Here is what I think might be happening....I call it "Senioritis".  Seriously. It is not at all unusual going into senior year. I see it quite requently. It is not to be taken lightly, but is definitely not fatal! :wink:   

The good thing about problems like this is that once you recognize it, then you can begin to understand why it is happening, and take action to do something about it. The why is because you are facing the time of decisions about your future, which is quite normal, especially for dancers who might not be planning to graduate high school and proceed directly to college. You are also working towards a profession that is not at all easy to achieve, much less one in which you can make a great living. :(  

So, what do you do about it?  I would say first make a very realistic determination of your own talent and training. Talk to your teachers and/or the AD of your school. Are they encouraging you to follow a professional path?  How about your parents?  Will they support you while you continue on your chosen path?  Are they pushing for college, and if so are you considering  a college with a strong dance department?  Are you open to that idea?  

Most important, I think, is your own commitment. Is this something you just want to pursue, or is it something you really believe you have to do, and can do?  Is it more important than anything else to you?  Is it possible that because you did not go away this summer, you are feeling that you are not getting the training you should be getting right now?  

You need to ask yourself some serious questions, and I strongly suggest you ask your teachers, too. :)  Keep us posted.

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