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Possibility of Developing a High Arch


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I have flat feet. Actually, I have pronated feet (I wear orthotics). My feet create a straight line, which people tell me is all you need. I strive for perfection, like pretty much every single dancer, so I would really like to improve my feet. I have a foot stretcher, a theraband, and practice many tendus, stretches for the achilles, and footwork outside of class to try to enhance what I have. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to improve the arch, rather than the foot. The things I do seem to help only my foot (barely). I understand that sometimes there is nothing more you can do when you are trying to improve flexibility, but your bone structure is in the way, but it's worth a try!

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It sounds like you are doing everything you can do, daintydancer.  The main thing is to learn to really use your feet well. Articulate every move. Push from the floor and fully stretch everything to the best of your ability. The body has limitations, and learning to use it correctly and well can create some improvement, though probably not as dramatic an improvement as one would like. It's a long and slow process. 

The arch is not separate from the foot....it is only a part of it, as is the instep. One works to improve the mobility, flexibility, and usage of the whole foot.  

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Ms. Leigh,

Thank you

(Is it appropriate to say thank you or is it not recommended for "waste" of message space?)

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"Thank you" is always acceptable. :D

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