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A better plie?


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I've been noticing while at the barre that whenever we're doing plies, all of my classmates can go lower than me. Especially grand plies in second position, I feel the odd one out because I can't seem to go as low as the others without lifting my heels off. I wonder if it's just me with a not flexible achilles or if I can do something about it. 

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It's not about how low you can go, it's about using the amount of plié that you have correctly. :)  The quality of the plié is more important than the depth. That said, since we can't see you, I would suggest talking to your teacher and maybe she (or he) will be able to explain to you the reasons why the depth of your plié is limited. Sometimes it is due to a lack of rotation, or yes, a lack of stretch in the achilles tendon.  Do not try to force it, just be sure that you are doing it correctly!

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Okay then. I was just wondering if it's a bad thing. Thanks Ms. Leigh! :lol:

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