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I got 11 Dance Australia magazines out of the library but I don't know if I should subscribe??????


I was wondering does any one, do you like it? Please tell...



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Poppiedancer, I haven't seen the magazine, but the decision to subscribe or not can depend on many things. If you like the issues you've gotten from the library, if the subscription price seems right for you, how hard it is to find issues in your area -- all of those things might affect how you decide. Good luck.

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poppiedancer...if you are still reading...,


it depends what you are looking for. it is fair to say that dance australia (DA) is the most reliable and comprehensive publication about dance in australia. (at this point i should probably 'declare my interest', in that i am one of the australian writers for DA - but i really don't care whether you buy it, or not. i am not 'on commission'!)


there is a little coverage of dance in new zealand, also. subscribing usually saves you money, and they regularly have special promotion offers, where you get a free dance bag or poster or T-shirt, or something like that, when you subscribe. watch out for one of those offers - they usually have them at this time of year, in anticipation of gift subscriptions at christmas.


there is also a new zealand newsletter (NOT a discussion site) which is distributed by raewyn whyte in new zealand - but i feel this is probably not what you are looking for.


if you have any other question about the magazine, or about dance in australia/new zealand, please ask and i will try to look back in.

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Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you could!!!!!!!!!


Love, Emily

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poppiedancer, i am not sure what your enthusiastic response is in reference to - do you mean that you want to know how to get the new zealand dance newsletter?


sorry if i have misunderstood.

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