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I don't know if I worry too much because it seems like a very normal situation. We are a pre-pro school, 2 out of 5 graduates this year are entering ballet company as trainee. 

We have about 4 hours pointe a week for advanced level, but during performance season (Sept to early Dec & March to May), 99% of those pointe hours are being used for rehearsal. My classmates are all pretty happy about this because rehearsals are easier in terms of you don't have to learn new combinations and keep dancing. People who aren't in those parts can just sit and watch. I'm not happy. I want to be actually dancing/practicing the parts that I am weak. Dancing in Flower or Candy don't get me those. Also, we aren't a rich family; I feel bad that my parents are paying something that is not actually what I am getting. I ended up going to lower level pointe class whenever I can, but they still took about 15 mins of the class for rehearsal as well. So, it was like 45 mins pointe, and it was a lot slower than my regular class. I tried to do releves and eleves while I wait, but it feels so inefficient after couple hours of only releves/eleves/balance practice. 

I am not doing Nut this year. I want to focus on my technique and individual development more. I get that rehearsals have its pros - we still build strength; we learn to work with others...etc. And, school needs $, and Nut brings the most. I understand all that, but if just being selfish and thinking for myself who wants to be a really good dancer, should I be concerned with this situation? Is rehearsal (dancing on pointe) as same as pointe class? If this school provides the best training I can get in my area, and I just have to deal with this situation, what should I do to make myself a stronger dancer? Thank you! 

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Victoria Leigh

e_bunny, while it is not unusual for pointe class time to be used for rehearsal when very close to performance time, it should not be done throughout the whole school year. If the school is indeed using all of it's pointe time for rehearsals for that many months, I think you have a legitimate concern.  Also, what happens for you this year during the fall months if you are not doing Nutcracker?  Would you be expected to attend the pointe class and sit and watch???  Not acceptable.

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