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Are the variations/music from Sylvia and Coppelia interchangeble? I found a male variation video from WBC that says Sylvia/Coppelia. When I tried to look up the music, it said it was from Sylvia. Thank-you for any information. Also, are you allowed to slightly alter choreography at the junior level for YAGP to suit the dancer?

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Music from both ballets have the same composer.  While you can alter choreography at the junior level, I wouldn't because the judges all know what the choreography should be.  The dancer will get marked down for it being different.  I think reversing it is fine, like in the case of a dancer turning better from one side than the other, but otherwise I wouldn't.  If the dancer is not capable of safely doing the original choreography, a different variation should be chosen that is more suited to their skill level.  Also, new for this year, YAGP is limiting the list of variations per age category.  Pre-competitives have a pretty short list compared to Juniors, Juniors aren't allowed to do some Seniors are allowed, etc.  We had one dancer at our studio who had already learned their variation only to have to change to one on the allowed list.  I'm pretty sure Coppelia is on the list for Juniors but you should double check to be sure. 

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