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Helping the late starting dancer

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I have a LOT of questions about how to help my late starter, but I'll try to take them one at a time.  :-)   She's currently 15, started ballet at 12, started pointe at 14.  Her instructors are very pleased with her progress.  She has gone from being a real beginner to being in the top 1/3rd of her class, maybe the top 1/4th.  (I am biased of course - LOL!, but others tell me that, actually.)

My first question is this:  our current studio only offers 1-1/2 to 2 hours of ballet (and pointe), 4 days a week. (outside of Nuts and Spring show rehearsals and other dance classes)  I am going to request for her to be able to take another class on the 5th day that is one level above her current level.  (Her studio director has indicated that this might be an option.)  I feel like she might need more training than this, but we want to stay with our current studio at this time (we realize that might have to change in the future, if she really wants to go further with ballet).  

I'm considering using Progressive Ballet Technique student membership at home (the online videos).  (We homeschool, so we can do this around other ballet classes/school work.)  

I'd love to know opinions on PBT - and how I plan to use it.  I hoped it would help her continue to strengthen and work on technique. Am I correct?  Does this sound like a solid plan for helping her this year while still staying with our current studio?

I will probably also have her take some private ballet lessons (1-2 a month).  


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Victoria Leigh

Interesting program. I googled Progressive Ballet Technique, but all the info appears to be under the title Progressing Ballet Technique. In any case, it looks to me like a solid program that could be very helpful. Marie Walton-Mahon has a strong contingent of supporters in the ballet world, many of whom are well known, particularly those from the Australian Ballet.  

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Yes,  that's it,  Progressing Ballet Technique.  Thank you for that correction!

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