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feeling overwhelmed -sure I'm not alone

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Our DD is entering her senior year and we are starting the process for applications for conservatories and university dance programs. DD has her list of schools she is interested in so that helps but it is still overwhelming. With college tours then application deadlines before or in conjunction with the application to the dance programs, videos required and the prospect of live auditions. While completing high school and keeping up with dance training. Many programs she is most interested in take 10% or less of applicants. I am getting advice left and right from parents with kids going off to college but they do not understand the whole dance process. 

I am not complaining, just wanted to express that i am sure others are feeling this way. We are taking things one step at a time and making a plan of action. 

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Went through all this last year.  My best advice is to get all university apps in in the next couple weeks.  This takes one thing off the plate and the early apps get early responses. had some 24 hours later (for academics, dance departments will have to wait until audition)!  Try and do auditions in the fall, because you may not get in first go round and be offered a second audition in spring.  Having at least one yes before xmas is a godsend for both students and the parents!  Also, realize that this process is important and if you miss a Nutcracker rehearsal, you miss one.  Don't let studio pressure force you into sabotaging your child's future.  I took a lot of red eye flights the night before audition and early morning outs to get back for home studio rehearsals.  Fly Southwest if you can.  Free bags and no fees to change flights.  Hope this helps.

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This is great advise! The essays and SAT's are whats going to take the longest. (She is retaking SAT's later in august. Took them last the weekend of the ballet recital)  And getting teacher, both dance and academic, letters of recommendations. We are not finding many fall auditions. Some schedules are not even out yet. 

I will look into southwest air. I am not sure if that is an option. We usually fly Alaska because my husband has status so i am not sure what is offered where we are. The cost of traveling to all these alone is overwhelming. We did a few tours but decided most will have to wait for the audiiton times. 

Is it ok to ask what your DD applied to? (maybe private message?)

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We're there with you as well.  Completed one yesterday and have already auditioned for one in July.  She was waitlisted with the opportunity to audition again in January.  She was pretty confident and is a little confused with the audition.  The application, essays, $$, $$, $$ is for sure overwhelming!  She has another audition mid-September but will need to get her audition videos completed ASAP!  

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Hi everyone! Mom of a rising senior here, too. One last ACT in September. (last ACT taken morning of end of year showcase after a late night rehearsal) Just sending out request for academic references. Solo is complete and will be run and taped in early October. Photos done. Resume done. Essays not done! Was Hoping to get a few applications done, but we are leaving today for a 2 week vacation. I think her list is complete, though she is tossing around one last addition. It's a plane ride though, so not an easy add.

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My advice to future parents of seniors is to start early. If you can, try to do tours and have the SAT taken during junior year. See when auditions are typically held and jot them down so the following year you'll be prepared. That way, essays and auditions are left for the summer and fall of senior year. I know it's easier said than done, but this really helps with time management & reducing stress during the college application process. For those with rising seniors, I wish you all the best & can't wait to hear where your kids will be attending! Please continue sharing your experiences! 

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If your dance studio is a member of the "regional dance of America" program, I would recommend taking the time to attend their national or regional festivals.  There were a large number of college reps at the national festival last year in Arizona.  It is one way to be in front of a bunch of different university/college people for more than a short audition class.


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Eligus, I wish this was a possibility. I have heard amazing things about RDA. Unfortunately the last time her ballet studio went was the year before she switched there at 11 years old. 

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Feeling a little less stressed. She has one audition left to go we can make it to. Sent in videos to the rest and had to decide not to audition for one due to time. At this point most is left into the hands of the schools. I am sure i will feel stressed again with decisions and how to pay, but for now i am not stressing about that. 

Hope everyone else is feeling a bit of relief from the stress. 

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my daughter has an audition this Friday in NYC, one next weekend an 8 hour drive and the final audition at the end of the month. She has 2 full acceptances so far. One she loves and one she does not. She has 2 purely academic acceptances (we wanted her to have non BFA choices in the spring). Now we wait on the rest of the auditions and acceptances and the money.

So, no not any less stressed, yet, lol! Good luck everyone:))

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Still stressed and waiting on pins and needles around here! Two more BFA auditions to go for DD.

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i understand! The waiting is a killer! We have two official acceptances to both college and dance programs, a third unofficial today at audition, one acceptance to school and waiting on dance program, and the others we are waiting on. 

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I think anxious is the word now versus overwhelmed. Not sure if its true or not but my dd says she is not even worried about the last audition later this month. She knows the chances are super super super slim. I think for us, since we had to do several auditions early and she has a couple viable options, that helps take some of the stress away. If she was headed into auditions without some options already, i think it would be a lot more stressful. 

I am sure in the spring, there will be a whole new world of overwhelmed as we try and figure out how she's gonna pay for all this....but one step at a time

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lizzyhultz1, I understand what you are saying. And you are correct. My daughter has the one acceptance that she loves and one that she does not. After these final 3 auditions we will wait for 5 decisions. I do believe she will get in to at least 3 of the 5 that are left. I'd just like her to have more than 1 decision that she is happy with and then to have financial choices, too. Maybe you are correct and we should take this 1 step at a time so it is not so overwhelming!


I cannot wait until we all post their choices in the spring:)

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