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feeling overwhelmed -sure I'm not alone

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My dd does not have any acceptances to dance programs yet :o.  She also auditioned for a training program and will actually be doing one company audition this spring.  I will be very happy when this is all over and decisions are finalized.  

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LadyElle, good luck to your daughter as she finished up her BFA auditions and company auditions. My daughter has one audition this Friday and one next Saturday. We are driving tomorrow so we can be there for the early morning sign in. This southern school is actually closed today for snow! It is normally an 8/9 hour drive so we will leave early and take our time. I did not factor snow in to planning audition dates for this school, lol!

Then we have the big wait to hear back about these final schools and whatever possible money may be on the table. I want to hurry up this time-frame, but I've decided to enjoy these few months without auditions or applications or essays or travel. We will just enjoy our daughter for this final high school semester:)

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LadyElle, when should acceptance letters start coming in? Don’t give up hope because there’s still time & your dd hasn’t finished auditioning yet. 

tutumama—Oh dear! Make sure you check the school’s website to see if they’re still open before making that drive. When it snowed about 2 weeks ago, some SI auditions were canceled. 

I wish both of your daughters the best on this journey! 

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Oh, I'm not giving up hope.  She has a few results that should be coming in the next few weeks and 3 more auditions to do.  One is a school that she really doesn't want to go to though.  Just hope that's not the only option she ends up with.  The company audition is just a way for her to check out this company and to find out if they would even take someone her height and with her movement quality.  It's a company she's had her eye on for awhile.  She is just hoping for feedback.  They generally don't take such young dancers.

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It’s great that she’ll get to have that experience & get feedback before auditioning again when she’s a bit older, should she not get accepted this year, but hey, you never know. ,:rolleyes: 

Despite the chaos of it all, it must be exciting being able to choose between BFA/dance programs & companies. 

I hope you keep us posted as to where she ends up!

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Wishing we had all the information, scholarships etc, so that DD could make a decision. One school told her notification on acceptance/denial will go out by April 1st...... 

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I think DD will be able to make a decision soon. She has three more results coming in the next two weeks or so, but she's leaning heavily at the moment to Utah.

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We just need info on potential scholarships/financial info. The program that is her top choice, we won't know till later next month about scholarships, if any is even possible. (I don't know that we/she can afford it without at least something) We still have never heard anything from Utah financially, which is frustrating because we know others have. She verified they received her FASFA and everything. One school gave her a really good scholarship and grant. Several others we know nothing financially with one we won't even know will april if she was accepted but they are not top on her list now. I feel like this is never going to end. lol. One stress/waiting turns into another.

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Waiting on 2 programs and we know they will be in middle to late March and financial information for those and one other. 

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lizzyhultz1, the waiting is frustrating. We have all of DD's financial aid/merit offers and are waiting to hear about 3 or 4 potential dance scholarships. Not holding our breath that she'll get any, but it would be nice to at least have that information. Utah is one of her higher priced programs after all aid is considered, but it would become significantly cheaper should she establish residency.

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dancingjet, it is! Yes Utah is appealing because of the possible residency discount. 

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Lizzyhults1 - has your daughter gone online and checked her U of U account?  My dd saw her academic scholarship posted there before she received a formal letter.  Might want to keep checking.  We're still waiting on one academic scholarship notice too.  We'll be heading out to tour her top two in the beginning of March.  Looking forward to it and hoping she gets clarity on what program will work best for her. 

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Glad we are coming back to this topic as we are all progressing through this stressful time!  The roller coaster ride and moments of feeling overwhelmed are more than I or DD anticipated.  In fact, we were driving back from an audition yesterday and she even said she was beginning to feel the stress of having to choose the right school.  (Of course this is much better than the earlier stress a couple of months ago of, "Will any college accept me?!?" )  

I am trying not to influence her too much and allow her freedom with this decision.  To be honest though, I don't really have a favorite myself.  There are so many variables in the different dance programs, it makes my head spin.  And then there's all of the other factors.  Proximity to home, diversity of population, strength of academics, scholarships (academic and/or merit - merit somehow adds some extra stress because it makes it harder not to accept when the dance program is going that extra mile to say they believe in DD) and of course...price.  One college in particular may be ruled out because California residency is really difficult to achieve and despite getting a scholarship, the money barely puts a dent in out of state tuition.  (I'm feeling a little torn about this because part of me is relieved that this school may be out as it is across the country, and then, I'm feeling guilty about feeling relieved about it!)  At least I have a place on BT4D where others are going through the same process.  Thank you to everyone for helping me feel a little less crazy.

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Amie - my thoughts exactly!! We now have this added element of the Big Sister who lives 4 hours away from one of her picks BUT, it's the one that is much more expensive.  Big Sister told her she was already planning once a month visits and dinners she'll make and all.  Of course putting more pressure on dd which she doesn't need.  Big Sis told me "I just feel like no one is considering what I think" 🙄  I told her she is more than welcome to pay the difference for dd to attend the closer school.  

Another non-dancing friend I was with yesterday was saying that she will ask the university that her daughter wants to attend to waive out-of-state residency for her daughter.  I've never heard of that, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to ask??  

I also feel guilty that my dd feels the need to consider $$.  I wish it wasn't a deciding factor for her/us.  I wish she could just take that off the table and decide strictly on the program and other academic merits.

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Lady Elle, your post gave me a much needed laugh!  "I just feel like no one is considering what I think". :lol:  

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