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feeling overwhelmed -sure I'm not alone

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Lady Elle, don't feel guilty.  Money comes into play in every college decision and not just the dance world.  It is just a fact of life. 


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LadyElle, I will see if i can figure it out but could not find anything. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Is she suppose to sign up for a different account or is it the same place as where she applied?


edit....found where it would be. Unfortunately she did not receive any

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I imagine all of us are worried about the money aspect. They are getting a BFA wish comes with the same hefty price tag of college, but not the financial security after. 

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Money is definitely a factor we have to consider.  DD has a college fund, but it will not cover the full cost of the most expensive school on DD's list (and that is with scholarship).   We did tell DD that whatever she does not spend from her college fund she could use to supplement her dancer salary when she graduates. 

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Did you all have to apply for both academic and merit/dance scholarships, or were they just given with results? 



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For my DD, all of her academic scholarships came automatically (as long as she applied by a certain date at some schools). These schools seemed to generally consider test scores, GPAs and possibly overall application (depending on the school). For dance scholarships, all of her schools required additional work (essay, application and/or audition in person or by video). 


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Wow, applying to dance programs seems like a lot of work! I wish all of you the best and can’t wait to see where your children end up in the next few months! 

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Academic scholarships awarded by the universities have been automatic.  There have been other outside scholarships at her highschool that she applies and writes essays for.  Dance merit scholarships, from what I can tell, are awarded after auditions are over and based on the audition.  There are probably other needs based scholarships as well.  I'm feeling like all this should be figured out within the next few weeks.  I sure hope so as housing requests at most universities have been open for awhile. 😬

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44 minutes ago, Lady Elle said:

Dance merit scholarships, from what I can tell, are awarded after auditions are over and based on the audition.  

We know of two colleges whose dance scholarships came before all their auditions were over. 

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For us, every college seems to be different on how and when they award scholarships.  Sometimes DD's academic scholarship has arrived with her acceptance, sometimes a few weeks later.  Although, most universities you do not have to apply for academic scholarships, DD has applied to one college that required her to apply for academic scholarships.  Merit scholarships have been different too.  One notified us via snail mail about 3 weeks after her auditions, but before all of the auditions were completed.  One school called 3 students up at the end of the audition and told them that they should "apply for a merit scholarship" and gave the information on how to do that (application is due tomorrow, don't know if everyone asked to apply will receive a scholarship).  Another school said they do not give merit scholarships to freshman students, they wait until they are enrolled at the university and reward them in later years for dedication, hard work, etc. 

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SO I am going to add to this. I am again feeling overwhelmed. I just found out that student loans are not that anymore. They are parent loans. So if she chooses the school she wants its $42000 out of our pocket per year, not hers. This goes against all the financial advise I have gotten. 

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lizzyhults1 - just doing a quick google search showed that there are certain loans that can be obtained without a co-signer.  Did you fill out the FAFSA paperwork ?  Whether you make a high income or lower income, it is important to fill it out in order to get some student loans. Hope this helps !

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Yes. We did the fasfa and the only thing we got was a small loan. 

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I'm sorry :(   That is frustrating .... If I find anything else, I will pass along 


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