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Wrong body (kind of awkward!!)


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Ok, so I'm a 14 year old ballerina, I've been doing it since I was 2, I've been through 3 studios due to location reasons. I've got good technique and great musicality and passion according to my teachers. As well, I show great facial expressions when playing a character. The only problem is, I've got the wrong body. I'm only 5"0 and on the wider side. I've got a full B size bust (in most brands, C in a few and maybe on shark week lol) and I always feel so scared. I'm currently doing a lot of exercise to burn fat, and build muscle.  I was planning to audition for a pre professional school in Europe (since I'm European) but I'm scared that I won't be able to be in due to the size of my body. I just want to ask whether I'd have a shot to get in or would I be weeded out due to my body shape?


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, kelagiorgio. 

We do not allow photos or weight to be posted on the board, so I edited your post.

Your question is difficult to answer, and no one can really give a definitive answer without actually seeing you dance. I will say, though, that your height and physique will make it very difficult. The only way to know is to try, but just be aware that your chances of acceptance to a school which auditions students are not strong. Have you tried any pre-pro schools in this country, or been to any Summer Intensive programs at pre-pro schools?

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Well, not really since I live on the other side of the world and it would be difficult to get a flight to the U.S. It kind of sucks that I can't keep my passion into a career due to my body :/ I have been working on it for a while since I've been doing loads of swimming and am managing to burn fat, but I surely can't see myself being tyranny thin. ALthough, I've seen a few wider dancers like Misty Copeland so I'm honestly not so sure about what the odds are.

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Kelagiorgio, as an Administrator of BTforD I am able to see your registration profile. It states that you live here in the US. That is the reason for my questions about schools and SI programs here. Please write to Contact US, which comes only to me, and give me your correct location.  

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Actually, you wrote in New Jersey! But, thats okay, I fixed it for you.

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