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Nutcracker 2017 (NY)


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My DD was in a pre-prof ballet training program at a good school in NYC. She had many ballet performances (at least 4 shows per year), including the Nutcracker. She left 2 years ago to attend a strictly ballet school, however the performance opportunities are limited (an optional spring dance, which is no more than 2 minutes long). It's been disappointing her, so I'm looking into open auditions so that DD can perform more. First, Can anyone tell me which schools in NYC perform the Nutcracker? I know some SAB students are invited to dance with NYCB. (I'm not sure if ABT JKO invites their students to perform with the company since they're in Cali for the winter season). Although not as reputable, I also know Joffrey NY, Peridance, and Mark Morris perform less traditional versions. Anywhere else??

Next, can someone let me know of schools and companies in NYC that have open Nutcracker auditions so that outside dancers (tween age) can audition to be in the show? I recently heard of Dances Patrelle (Yorkville Nutcracker). Does anyone have any feedback on that as well? Any info is helpful. Thank you!

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The Dances Patrelle Nutcracker is a lovely production and provides opportunities for young dancers to perform in a variety of roles.  Many students from BAE participate, as well as some from other local schools.  My DD participated for several years and always enjoyed it greatly.  There is an open audition which used to be held at BAE - it may still be held there.  I'm sure the Dances Patrelle website will have the details.   

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Manhattan Youth Ballet has an open audition for their version of the Nutcracker, a New York City themed Nut called The Knickerbocker Suite.  It is open to outside dancers. They have multiple performances with multiple casts which opens up more opportunities than with some other productions. Performances are at the theater at the MMAC on the UWS, nnot far from Lincoln Center. They don't seem to have the audition date on the website yet, but it will likely be in early to mid-September. 

I should add that rehearsals are generally on Sat and Sun, depending on the role. A few of the most advanced roles will rehearse in the evening during the week, but those would not be roles for tween age group. 


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NYCMOM, yes, auditions are still at BAE this year! Can you provide any more feedback in terms of what the rehearsal schedule was like (How many days per week? Days/times of rehearsal?) That info wasn't on their website and I would hate for DD to get her hopes up if we can't commit. 

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Thank you MelissaGA! I had no idea MYB's Nut had open auditions. I will definitely consider it for DD. :D

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DanceMumNYC I believe the rehearsals for Yorkville Nutcracker are on weekend afternoons/evenings (and some Friday evenings), except for the tech week right before the shows. Its a very fun production, nicely done, with good dancing roles for the kids. Kids from all different dance schools in the area participate and it doesn't generally conflict with their schedules. The amount of rehearsals depends on which/how many roles a kid is cast in. 

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Yes, the Patrelle Nutcracker rehearsals are on weekends except during tech week, just as 5uptown mentioned.  Another positive about this production is that the principals are guest artists from NYCB.  I believe I received an e-mail recently saying that this year would be Abi Stafford (current NYCB principal) and Stephen Hanna (former NYCB dancer).  It's a great experience for the students to be on stage with these dancers. 

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Does anyone know which other local schools typically have students in the Yorkville Nutcracker? Any other major schools like SAB or ABT JKO? 

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