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Nutcracker Season 2017


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Nutcracker auditions can be filled with ups and downs, I thought it might be time to start the thread, as DD12 and I have been rereading the periwinkle dress post and other tips on handling casting disappointments and rejection, with auditions approaching fast. 

This is DD's 6th year auditioning and I think at this point given her level she has a very low risk of being cut completely (the youngest age/level can have 2/3rds of the girls cut), so at least we can be confident that she will be cast as something. What that could be is of course anxiety-provoking.  As a company-affiliated school, professional dancers do all of the "big roles": spf, etc, and professionals and trainees share snow/flowers corps. Children have limited roles but can be things like mice, party children, or soldiers/battle dolls, or are on stage assisting with some of the company dances (younger ones assist mother ginger, teens often assist with chinese, and a very small group gets to assist SPF).

This year is a very interesting year for DD. She is right at the short end of soldiers and some of these tall assisting roles, but she has only been en pointe a year, so is not eligible for any pointe roles among this group. However, she is at the upper edge of height range for party scene and of course the often-speculated-over Clara. So who knows, with her in-between height, what she'll be?? But the excitement and chatter among the girls is getting high already, and the nerves are kicking in. 

Reading other Nut stories on this board has always helped me get through the stress, so here's to another season, whatever it brings!


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This will be DD's first year auditioning for outside companies/schools. Her old school had the pre-prof children in The Nut with the company. It was so beautiful and fun to watch! Her newer, ballet-only school is affiliated with a company but they are on tour during Nut season, so unfortunately the kids do not get to dance with the company. I left a comment in another thread for 1st time Nutcracker advice. After reading several posts, I'm a bit worried since DD is very tall & will possibly be grouped with older, more advanced girls during the audition. :unsure:

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See my comment on the other thread. What I did not say above or in the other thread is that there are often roles that span different height ranges: we have one that is a basic role as far as technique (but any role is a good role!) and it covers the height range from about 2 inches below DD as well as up to 2 inches above! So you never know until you try: crossing fingers for you and your DD!!!

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Thank you, again! I'm trying to help narrow her choices down to see which one she should audition for. I hope we make the right choice. 

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The long wait has begun. Anyone else out there waiting for results, or already have Nut news?

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My under 13 DD got Clara at our studio's Nutcracker!

My 13+ DD got Snow for the first time, and I am so proud of both of them. 

It is such a relief to have casting out. After all the speculation and anxiety leading up to casting, they can now get down to the business of learning their roles.

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Congrats to both of your DDs, forglitter! How exciting!

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Young DD will be a Ginger kid this year! She's so excited. :rolleyes: I'm not too excited about the rehearsals being in the evenings and on our only "day off," but I can't wait to see her perform in the show this December.

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Auditions start Friday night for my DD. She dances in a professional production, so this is probably the last year she'll fit within the height requirements. She's trying not to think too much about it. She was one of the two girls cast as young Clara last year, so isn't really expecting to get that role again, though she'd be thrilled if she did. The whole situation already feels a little bittersweet. We both feel that she is so fortunate to attend a studio filled with mostly kind and supportive teachers, parents and students. The Clara that preceded her set a great example for her and I suspect she'll do the same for the Claras that follow her.

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My son outgrew the professional production with which his school is affiliated by the time he was 11, and most kids roles were really quite short. But, this  year he's doing the lead boy (Prince) role in a smaller "semi pro" version, which should be a lot of fun and new experience for him. 

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My smaller DD(almost 7) will likely be an angel or a little mouse (pre-battle scurrying). She was an angel last year, so is hoping for mouse, but my older DD keeps reminding her that the angels are on stage for a much longer period of time.

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Congrats, DanceMumNYC (DD did ginger once!! so fun!!) and 5uptown, and good luck AB'smom and Mom de deux!

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Congrats, forglitter, 5uptown, and DanceMumNYC!! So exciting!! My DD was a polichinelle (I think that's another name for a Ginger kid) last year. She'd love to be Clara someday, though would be happy with any part as she just wants to be part of the "magic". She doesn't even audition until the first week in October (rehearsals start the following weekend so cast list will be out sometime that week). She's hit the lowest level that party girls and Clara are cast from, so she's a bit extra nervous for this year's audition. I expect she has one more year in the battle scene before graduating to the party scene, but we shall see in a couple weeks. Best of luck to all the ones waiting to audition or find out the results!

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