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Need Ballet Slippers Sizing Advice


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I'm still quite new to this. My daughter (5) was taking ballet classes but stopped for a year because we relocated cross country. She will start class next week! 

She was fitted at the local dance store. They fitted her in a 11A in Bloch full soles. I know the slippers come in various widths. Previously, when we were living in a different state the store there fitted her in a B width granted she was 3 at the time. 

I noticed a lot of the dance stores especially online do not carry the A width. I always see B and C and sometimes D. I'm curious to know if there's a huge difference between A and B, and if A might be too narrow. My daughter doesn't have  narrow feet that needs narrow sizes for street shoes.

Also how do I check if the shoes fit her feet well. What do I look for? How do I tell if it's too narrow or too wide? The person fitting her had her point her toes with the shoes on and had her stand in first position. The shoes are a little long which my daughter complained about extra room at the toes in the store and they stuffed the the shoes with some fluff to help it feel better. They recommended not going down a size because she will outgrow them very quickly. For reference, she wears a size 29 / 11.5 in street shoes.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. 


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Usually, when I am fitting ballet slippers on wee ones, I allow for some growth room, unless the studio is extraordinarily picky. Usually, studios simply want the little ones to feel comfortable! Usually, when fitting wee ones, I will have them try on different lengths and widths so that we can get the proper fit where the child feels comfortable and the parent is happy. 

Can you describe the fitting environment? Did the fitter measure her? Did the fitter try several pairs on her? How was your child reacting during the fitting?

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Hi Clara 76,

Thank you for your response.

Yes the fitter did measure her feet. They tried on 2 pairs in different sizes. They were both Bloch Danskins. The first pair they tried on her was a size 12 and my little one didn't like it and complained about it being too big. So she tried on a 11A. The 11A was long. It has about 1/2" of extra room which my child didn't like. They didn't want to size down anymore than that because they felt the fitting would be too snug. They stuffed some fluff to fill the extra space in the toes.

The fitter did have her point her feet and looked at everything and she said everything looks ok when she points so we went to other 11A in the Bloch Danskins. I should also mention that in the A my little one didn't need to tie the elastics in the front to tightened the Slippers. Her previous pair also Danskins was fitted (different place) when she was 3 and they put her in a 9C we had to use the elastic ties to tighten the shoe. 

Recently I saw Bloch have a style called Belle that is exactly like the Danskins but without the elastic ties at the front so I ordered a pair from Bloch in 11A to try it on. The dance store didn't have this style. The Belles do not fit the same as the Danskins. They were much shorter in length and overall smaller. So now I know I def have to go up in size in Belles.

So I started questioning about the sizing and fit all together. Because when I was looking online for shoes the A widths def don't seem to carried by a lot of the dance stores online. I had her tried on the Danskins again side by said with the Belles to see how much bigger and smaller and if her feet looked squished in there. 


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Danskins is a brand of tights...............not sure what brand and style the fitter tried on your child, but Bloch makes a product called "Dansoft"????

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23 minutes ago, Clara 76 said:

Danskins is a brand of tights...............not sure what brand and style the fitter tried on your child, but Bloch makes a product called "Dansoft"????

Oh my gosh - yes Dansoft not Danskins. We have Danskins tights. 

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When my daughter tried on a B width slipper that was too narrow, there was some gaping at the sides near the middle of her foot. She wears a C width and we are fortunate that our local dance store keeps well stocked!

If the shoe were too wide, it wouldn’t close well around the foot.  It would be too loose at the front.  Using leather slippers with a drawstring makes it easier to get a comfortable fit as long as you get fitted by someone who knows how to fit them.  We never buy the next size shoe online, we always fit her at our local dance store for certainty in fit.  Online is reserved for tights in bulk or backup or show shoes in the same size.

We are fortunate that she doesn’t have high arches, or flat feet, or any other shoe fit issues. I think she has a longer pinky toe that might be harder when she is ready for pointe work, but for now she has no issues in flats. She does get sweaty feet, so I will certainly research fixes before she reaches pointe. 

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Thank you so much for your response! I completely agree with you. My little one has always been fitted at a store but I figured if I understood the widths and sizing better, I could help better and perhaps get away with ordering online. In the end, I went with the advice on the person fitting my daughter. She used to be a ballet dancer in prime. My daughter just finished her ballet for the year and the shoes that she was originally fitted for actually turned out to fit her feet quite well. Since I posted this inquiry here on the forum, I have concluded it is best to make the trek out to the store every time she needs to be get fitted for new shoes.... for certainty as you said. And you are so right.... reserving online orders for tights and leotards makes much more sense which is what we’ve been doing.

My little one has a longer 2nd toe and her left foot is bigger than her right!  

We will be getting fitted for new slippers after summer. Always a fun and hectic time right!?! 

Thanks again for you reply! Really appreciate your input! :)

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