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Modern pieces available to stream online

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I am a dance major and my modern class requires a journal of performance notes. I am having a hard time finding enough pieces to write about! It has to be at least 15 minutes long, and "not ballet" according to my teacher, but modern is preferred. The main problem is I keep finding just clips of works instead of the whole piece. So far I've only found two, Paul Taylor's Esplanade and Ailey's Revelations. Any recommendations would be appreciated and links would be great! 


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Here are a few more classic modern pieces to consider:

Jose Limon's A Moor's Pavane - https://youtu.be/0aGj6pJpzZQ

Martha Graham's Errand Into The Maze, Acts of Light or The Rite of Spring (all three shown) - https://youtu.be/_3iXOr85yho

Merce Cunningham's Squaregame - https://youtu.be/iSwfEQQgxBI

Ohad Naharin's Deca Dance - https://youtu.be/Bk-odQ-23_4


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I know you said online but you may also find works on DVD (or even VHS ha ha) at your local public library or university library to check out.  Or the library of a local university you don't go to (I bet UCB has tons) as they often allow people to use materials while there and you could use their computers or bring a laptop and headphones.


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Dancetheatre David Earle has a piece on Youtube. 


David Earle is a recipient of the Order of Canada and a co-founder of Toronto Dance Theatre.  His company Dancetheatere David Earle is now based in Guelph.  He is also my former modern teacher's mentor/teacher.  😊

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