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I'm tired of stinky feet!

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I ended up purchasing the PEET shoe dryer and it has worked wonders! She places her damp shoes on when she gets home and her pointe shoes no longer smell!  Its a miracle!  I have ordered the essential oil for her to carry in her bag for a "refresher" after class. :)  

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I can't take the smelly feet either.  I put dryer sheets in her bag and shoes to try to absorb the smell.  the sneaker ###### only work for a short time.  I literally scream at her about letting them dry out! 

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I bought my DD some travel "baby wipes" to carry in her dance bag -- no fear of spilling liquid on the pointe shoes, and the wipes clean up the sweat and bacteria on her feet after dancing (and then can be tossed).... provided, of course, they are used.....  :speechless:  They help a bit.... (sigh).

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