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Has anyone found any good, rather entry-level story books that feature boy dancers?  My boy is in 2nd grade but probably reads more like at a first grade level (lots of pictures, maybe 3-5 sentences per page is a good level; 6-8 sentences per page is a stretch but do-able).  I did a quick google search and did turn some up that we can request from the library but every description I read was like "Oliver is a sissy" or "Nate is teased by his dad" or something along those lines.  While my boy has experienced a little teasing at school, I would love at least one book that present boys dancing as just completely normal. Not sure I am making sense, or what I want even exists....but I'd love to find a book about a boy who loves to dance and THAT is the focus, rather than the focus being on how his dad is mean, or his friends bully him.  

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There was a cool book my daughter took out of the library about the three dancing brothers that started the San Francisco ballet called "The nutcracker comes to America"-- sounds like it would be a read aloud still for your son but it was an interesting story aimed at younger kids.

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Also the little golden book called "I am a ballerina" is not about a boy, but does depict a male student (in typical male uniform) in her class.

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There is also a book called "dance" which is mostly photographs of Bill T Jones (and adult male dancer and choreographer).



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Hi! You might have found something by now but just in case it’s still useful my son has loved a new series of young reader novels called ‘Ballet School’ by Fiona MacDonald. They are not intended for boys over girls but there are boys in the ballet school as characters - in fact the first book has a male protagonist. Each one uses a different ballet as the backdrop to the story and has illustrations and ‘real’ ballet terms which my son though was great. They are British but probably available with international postage on amazon. 

My son is 7 but a fairly strong reader. Not sure how that relates to US school years. 

Hope that helps! 

I’ll try to see if I can pop a photo in to show the reading level. 

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Wow Seren that series looks fantastic!  I am checking it out on Amazon right now. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it!

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