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Introducing myself

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Hello I Am an professional dance teacher in The Netherlands. I was looking for an serieus and professional, good ballet forum and I found this forum. Already happy with it. I teach ballet but also Jazzdance and Theatre Dance ( called here Musicaldance)

Ballet I Am teaching at advanced amateur classes and at professional ballet/dance Academy. And I Am teaching points. 

Besides my teaching I have my OWN Company OutCastDanceCompany a modern / jazz dance Company but Dancers with a good bases of classical ballet

I also recently starten Dutch Senior Follies a Company for (show)dancers from the age of fifty. 

Thank you for admitting me and sorry for my English, I do my best 😃

have a nice ballet day 



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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Lavinia. It's great to have you here. I hope you've already found the Teacher's Forum. Your Company for dancers over 50 sounds wonderful! Here in the UK< the Royal Academy of Dancing has started special classes & a programme for adults over 55 to learn ballet ("Silver Swans") but some of us ( :o ) just keep on going to ordinary class whatever our age ...

And please don't apologise for your English! this is an international board and our members come from all over the world. 

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Victoria Leigh

Just want to add my welcome, Lavinia. And your English is just fine. :)

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