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Need help deciding on Ballet Schools

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We live in a small town in Texas where excellent ballet training does not really exist.  It's pretty much at the recreational level.  If one wants to excel and/or pursue dance, then they must relocate.  All 3 of my younger kids dance (son, age 11, daughters ages 9 & 7).  Two of our 3 kids have been dancing for 3 years now and are interested in pursuing the pre-prof track.  My husband and I are in a unique position to potentially relocate with our current business (we own a franchise and are looking into opening in another available market.).  My husband doesn't want to choose until we get a firm commitment from the school that will offer full scholarship (wherever that may be). So now we're down to Richmond Ballet in VA, the Rock, Metropolitan Ballet Academy & PA Ballet in Pennsylvania or Joffrey, Ballet Chicago and A&A Ballet in Chicago.  I believe that all of these schools offer some sort of scholarship for boys, so I guess I am really just seeking feedback for these schools.  Please help!  :)

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Amhoffman01, it is our policy here on BT4D not to offer or permit direct comparisons between or among programs or make recommendations.  There are just too many variables that can impact and influence what program is right for any given child and family at any given time.

We do, however, have dedicated individual threads for each of those programs in our Pre-professional/Residential Ballet Schools forum, which is arranged alphabetically.   Our members who have first-hand experience with the individual schools share their experiences and answer questions.  Please do spend some time reading each of those threads and feel free to post your specific questions regarding the schools. 

The availability of scholarships is best discussed with the program folks.  But we do have anecdotal information shared on the threads. 

Best wishes in your search! 

Members, please do not post school specific information here.  We do want to keep it collected on the dedicated threads. 👍

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that's perfect, thank you!!!!  I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the threads so kind of gave up looking!!  thanks again for the heads up!  I appreciate it. :)

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Of Chicago is an option, I highly recommend looking into Ballet Chicago.  The training is second to none.  I am happy to answer any questions about BC when you can private message.

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Please do share your information on the Ballet Chicago thread.👍. http://dancers.invisionzone.com/topic/28646-school-of-ballet-chicago/?tab=comments#comment-244188


I’m sure there will be other members interested.  If we don’t share on the threads, there is no reason to bother maintaining them. 😉

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