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Recent information on shorter companies?

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Ballpark guidelines in general, learningdance:   General costume measurements in stock over time, general male dancer heights, whether they take shorter males who do not lift partners much or not (depending on rep),  desiring limiting dancers in company class or auditions that clearly are way above or under the stated heights.  And many other arbitrary reasons.  

My dancer is 5'2" on a good day, but because she has longer limbs and larger feet than most 5'2" dancers, she actually looks taller on stage than some dancers 5'4".    Any former professional dancer or AD who has watched her on stage and then met her afterwards has commented, "Wow! You are much shorter than I thought."   The tallest male she has dance with was 5'9" and she held her own.  I thought it was going to be a horrible fit for a partnership but it was fine on stage because she looks long onstage because of those physical attributes.  It started as a fun thing because one of her mentors encouraged her to learn to dance tall so she felt it was an achievement.  Now, after 11 years, it is a bit more frustrating because she's tired of hearing how short she is.  

So if a minimum was 5'6", then no, she would not apply.  However, it was 5'4", she likely would and take her chances.  What's the worst thing that can happen?   They say, we like you but you are too short.  But that is simply a chance to take or a choice of a chance to take.  

DDs company used to be one on the shorter company list, I am not sure I would say they are anymore though unless you are coming in further up the ranks.  

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Taxi dance

Thanks everyone! This has been very helpful. DD has long limbs and her feet just grew so she does look taller on stage so we might be able to go up a slight bit on auditions if it is somewhere she is really interested in. 

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