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Meeting the cliché by breaking another

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Apparently picking a new hobby at the age 43 is a cliché associated with midlife crisis. Signing up for 2 ballet classes as a male at that age and volume definitely is not. 

Yet I am very happy I did it a few weeks ago.  I was looking to do something new, something with music, exercise for body and brain, when I saw this report on TV about adult ballet classes. I did a few trial lessons and was directly hooked. It is really difficult and confusing, especially trying to execute a move correctly while already thinking about the next. But I love every bit of it and usually can't wait for the next class! I am also trying to learn as much about the art as I can, although every answer seems to cause a million other questions. Luckily I found this forum which might offer a lot of answers. 

Looking forward to interesting discussions!

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GTLS Designs

Wijnmoer, welcome. We look forward to getting to know you. 

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I'll add my welcome to that of GTLS Designs. Glad you found us! And there's a very friendly & helpful Adult Students section of Ballet Talk for Dancers, where you can share the journey.

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