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Restarting after 2 year break


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I danced ballet for many years (from age 4-12), but I had to stop for a a variety of reasons (financial, borderline abusive instructor, school, moving), but now want to go back. 

I am now 14 years old and in relatively good shape but don't remember all the names of positions and "moves".

I was on point at the time I left, which I know I will have to work back up to;

But my only concerns are 

1) Being in a class with a bunch of 8 year olds

2) Being so behind my age group that I won't be able to catch up

I also want to add that this is only a hobby for me, and in full knowledge that I most likely will not be dancing professionally. This is just what I love to do.

Thank You

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, mrekuc. :)

It is a positive thing that you are going back to classes!  I really don't think that you will need to start back with 8 year olds. While your original class members are now upper Intermediate to possibly Advanced levels, depending on the school, your training for all those years should be enough to place you at least with a lower Intermediate level.  And, once back in shape and taking regular classes, you will progress faster than the class itself, so I don't think you should be concerned. It may take a while to reach the level you might have achieved if you had not stopped, but, depending on your facility for ballet and your focus and commitment, it is possible to get there. :)

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