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I am mother to a 12-yr old for which dance isn't something she does, it is something she is.

I am looking to educate myself on the myriad of paths to a dance career, so that, as she grows, I can help support her in what ever direction she goes. I have no knowledge of this level of dance (pointe and beyond) and am very happy to have a way to verify, support, or refute information she or I receive from the different teachers, shoe coaches, and others involved in this sport/art.

So happy for the information and open communications I've seen here. I immediately dove in and searched for help on shoes and things, all of which was readily available and so nicely moderated. Thank you for this wonderful resource. 

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to our forums, MrsTaggert. :) Thank you for such a nice introduction, and we are happy that you are already finding helpful information.  It is great that your DD is so involved and committed to our very special art form, and that you are willing to help and support her. 

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