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Oops--he wore gray tights for audition photos


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Has anyone besides me noticed that more and more training programs are making gray tights part of the dress code? 

My ds's program requires gray tights for the upper level guys, and when the program brought in a professional photographer for audition photos, my ds was wearing his gray tights.  He's 17 and will be auditioning for trainee positions and possibly second company positions and for summer programs with trainee consideration. 

I've glanced at the audition requirements for several programs, and most of the auditions specify that the men should wear black tights. But does it really matter?  If the tights are a standard classroom color and the dancer is wearing the school dress code, is that good enough?



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My understanding is that gray shows off musculature better and has been on it's way in the US.  Black hides problems.  So if he looks good in gray all the better!  Doubt that it would hold him back in the photo. They are making decisions based on the dancer in person at audition.  Photo helps remind them.

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Gray is very acceptable, and you're right-- more and more ballet training academies are moving to gray. I don't think it will make any difference at all in his audition photos. They'll just assume gray is his school's uniform. 

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Thank you, parents.

gray it is.

And, since we don't need to retake photos, my credit card can stay in the black.

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Just an interesting discovery.  I was looking at various company audition requirements to get some ideas about videos and pictures, and Joffrey Ballet actually requested that the dancer"not be in black clothing" for full body pictures.  This is for main company auditions, by the way.

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