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My daughter will be playing Clara this year.  After a lot of thinking, we have decided on her "Merde" gifts for all of the children dancers.  We would like to put a nice hand-written note in with each small gift but I am having some difficulties coming up with something authentic and appropriate to say.  There are 72 children in her cast along with the adult company dancers (we are just doing gifts for the children and a small handful of the adults).  


In the past, my daughter has received some really cute Merde notes but, unfortunately, we did not save any of them. 


Can anybody help me with the wording for the notes that will go along with the Merde gifts? 

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How about simply a Thank you for sharing the stage with me and making this experience one I will never forget.  Your time on stage with me will always be cherished.  

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Thanks!  Yes, maybe I am over-thinking it :-)  I would like to say something about how great they are too but I think we can add it to your thoughts pretty easily. 


thanks again!

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