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Ingrown toenails


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This is my first time around the block for this problem...didn't even know what it was...just kept padding and going to class until I couldn't. Made my first ever appointment with a podiatrist who promptly cut and sent me packing without ever answering my questions. So I don't know what to do next to avoid this nail (big toe) growing ingrown again. To get the information I need, have made appointment with another podiatrist recommended by a trusted friend, but it's 3 three weeks away. I'm not on point, but still shoes are shoes and that toe will get pressure for a couple of hours, 3 times a week.  I know nails grow 1 to 2 millimeters per month, but does anyone think that amount of time would start the nail growing bent again?

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Hummingbird, we no longer have an active “Health and Nutrition” forum because we do not have a designated Medical Moderator.  It is our policy on BT4D not to provide medical advice for health issues.  There are any number of concerns with ingrown toenails and self-treatment without proper medical advice.

However, the Health & Nutrition forum is still available as “Read Only” and as I recall, there were many threads regarding ingrown toenails that might provide some insight for you.  You can easily find them by doing a simple search using “ingrown toenail” as your search term. 


  Please do consult a podiatrist or physician prior to self-treatment.

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I understand. Thanks for the heads up. Have seen a podiatrist. Unfortunately she had no time to listen to anything I had to say and just cut. Still have pain and think it may be more complicated than a simple toenail. Have also had some myofascia release done on feet, legs, hips, etc. Will see another podiatrist for follow up on what's already been done (one who will listen and talk to me), but am suspecting perhaps tendon/ligament involvement of some sort. I need to find a medical doctor,  physiatrist or whatever to untangle this. Thank you 

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Hi there Luca, and welcome to Ballet Talk!  We are pleased you have found us.  Please take your time and do some searching and reading up on the website; it is a wealth of information!

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