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Bring tutu to the dance


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I have a 6-year-old son and lately he tells me that he wants to wear tu-tu as his female partners. her uniform for ballet is sneakers, tights and leotard. but now he wants you to advise him to do it.

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It might be best to discuss this with his teacher.

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In a few of his early classes, my son was allowed to wear a colorful sash around his waist as a substitute for the tutu.  Almost like a pirate.

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I like the sash too. 😊

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At that young of an age, the tutus have to just be to keep the kids happy.  Our dance school won't allow them.  Girls wear black leos and pink tights and shoes, boys wear black tights (or jazz pants, til they are comfortable in tights) and white tees.  No exceptions.  A previous school let the little girls wear what they wanted and the outfits the girls came up with got more and more distracting during class.  

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I've always felt strongly that dancers should earn their first tutu......meaning that comes after years of training.

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Yes. They earn their first Pas de Deux, meaning they get their white tights.

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For my ds, when he was dancing at a small studio, the rite of passage wasn't so much the white tights--he had worn them as Nutcracker prince--but rather, finally getting an embroidered prince's tunic altered to really fit him.  Gone were the yellowing poet's shirts and other ill-fitted hand-me-downs that the guys always had to wear!  He had a costume that actually looked almost as good as the snow queen's.

Although I agree with you, Clara, that the ballet milestones should be celebrated later, the fact is, the girls at a lot of studios get to celebrate smaller accomplishments, and there aren't always equivalent moments or celebrations for the guys.

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