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Drop in adult beginners class in London


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I will be in London City (near university college) on tuesday nov 21st.  Because I am missing my usual classes that week I am looking for another one in London. However the number of studios I found is overwhelming and I did find an adult drop in beginners class yet. 

Any hints would be highly appreciated!

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I love the classes at Danceworks! Can't recommend a teacher as I used to take the advanced classes when I was living in London

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Like Marjolein, I'd recommend Danceworks. They are a very friendly and professional studio, with LOTS of dancers who have begun studying ballet as adults. I'd really recommend Hannah Frost's classes, but I don't think she teaches on TUesdays. She runs a very good beginner's class, which I find immensely useful as a tune up - she's got an eagle eye and gives hands on corrections which are really helpful. She's used to beginners coming in to class, and is very helpful - I go to her class whenever "m working in London.

On Tuesday, according to the Danceworks schedule here:


Christina Mittelmaier is teaching a Beginners/Improvers on Tuesday late afternoon. I do her Intermediate class if I'm around on a Sunday, and she's a really good, and helpful teacher. She really teaches a class, not simply gives it - she'll give corrections, go over combinations, and try to push you on. 

If you don't know London, Danceworks is very easy - Bond Street Tube, or a bus along Oxford Street, and hop off at Selfridges/Primark.

The other place that I really like is the Central Nights programme at Central School of Ballet (near Farringdon Tube/Overground, or easily walkable from Bloomsbury & the University of London colleges - about 25 minutes). Tuesday night, Renato Paroni - or more usually his substitute, Henriett Tunyogi - teach a Beginners/General class (and on one memorable occasion, Antonia Francheschi taught class for Renato!). How that would be for you really depends on how much of a "beginner" you are. If Henriett's teaching, to be honest, I think you might find it a bit challenging, as she assumes yo have the basics down, and the centre can get progressively more challenging. 

Renato Paroni is a master teacher, but doesn't do hands on corrections as much as he used to. For a relatively new beginner (as opposed to a perpetual student like me) I think his class would be OK.  I love his classes, and get so much out of his teaching technique (including his really naughty sense of humour) but some people don't get him, and don't like his jokes ...

The famous London studio is Pineapple, but I don't think it's so great for adult beginner ballet students: they tend to have more Pro/Adv level classes. But on Tuesday Adam Pudney teaches a 1 hour beginners class - quite late, but if you can't get to Ms Mittelmaier's class, I'd recommend Adam's - I do his classes at Danceworls whenever I can. I just love his energy, and he has a great way with giving corrections, and again, actively teaching a class of adult beginning students. His allegro is great fun!

At Danceworks and Pineapple, you need to pay a day membership & then pay for your class. At Central,  you just pay £10 at the desk. Classes all start at 19:00 and go for 90 minutes - although - I was at Nina Thilas-Mohs class on Friday and she reluctantly stopped at 20:50,  so we got our money's worth!

If you're familiar with it, Renato Paroni, Henriett Tunyogi & Nina THilas-Mohs all teach a distinctively US style of ballet training, developed by Chrisina Bernal. It gets you really working your turnout & on your leg s in a way I haven't encountered before.

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Redbookish thanks a lot for your elaborate advice and reviews.

I still don't know my schedule but I hope I can make it to Christina Mittelmaiers class. 

I will certainlay let you know how it went..

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Most nights of the week either David Kierce or Hannah Frost leads a more "beginner" beginner class at Central, but Tuesday you'll be out of luck. RP leads when he's in town, but he's spending most of his time in Germany with Ballett im Revier and I've not heard anything about him being around. There's always a small chance of an "interesting" sub - as well as Antonia Franceschi we've had Damien Johnson from Ballet Black and SAB this year.

I take RP/Henriett's class on Thursdays and Sundays usually.

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Hi TYR. My main problem with Henriett is that there's not much hands on correction or individual attention, which other teachers seem to manage (even Renato). Her class is well designed, but I don't think it's great for a real beginner. I've never done David Kierce's classes - does anyone know what they're like? 

I did Adam Pudney's class at Danceworks yesterday afternoon & loved it, but it's not an absolute beginners - far closer to Elementary.

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Hi all, 

I ended up taking a class at pure ballet. Which was in fact a private lesson because nobody else turned up. It was really nice and Kirsten made me work hard.  I loved her introduction to pirouettes. Getting that rotational momentum out of the plie is amazing! I managed to do that once. 

The best thing of it all was that she couldn't believe that I started to take ballet 10 weeks agoB)

Quote: "Either your teacher is really good or you're a natural" - personnally I start to believe the latter :rolleyes:


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Great news Wijnmoer - glad you found a good class and an excellent teacher! And of course it's because you're a natural :P I'm sure you are!

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I relayed the compliment to my own teacher, in the end we agreed to take half the credit each:wink:

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