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Hi! I am 14 as of right now and training in a studio where ballet is not the focus at all. Until recently, I didn't realize that the training I have been getting isn't real ballet training, and is certainly not advanced. I've explored options around me and found a ballet-focused studio (minimum 9 hours of ballet technique a week plus 1.5 hours of pointe, 3 hrs contemporary, variations, pas de deux, pilates, etc) that has a progressive program for students who need to correct/supplement past training. I am very interested and want to try switching so I can catch up safely to where I should be.

The only thing I am worried about is burning out. At my current studio, I only take 3 hrs ballet and 8 hrs total. I also have traditional schooling and write for a magazine. How difficult is it to juggle that much time? Will it hurt my body to dive right in and start training as soon as possible? Thanks!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, rc5678. :)

The new school sounds like a good plan to me.  If you want to focus on ballet, then go for it.  

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Thank you!

The main reason I had for concern was that, while I was rummaging in these forums for a potential past answer, I found many concerns about going on pointe without sufficient training. I do not currently do pointe, but at a placement class the Artistic Director said I should be able to start next fall at the latest under her guidance and with extra training. 

Obviously I trust her but I want to make sure this is safe and will not hurt or jeopardize my feet or body. 

Thanks again!

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I think you need to trust the school and the teachers. It sounds like you have a lot of training in your background, although possibly not the best classical training. But, if you have the facility, and start now with the new school, which seems to have quite an intensive program, it is possible to be ready for pointe by next fall. But I would not worry about that right now. Just go get the better training!


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Thank you! This has done a lot to ease my worries :D. I am starting there full-time after the new year, and am taking supplements now. Thanks so much!!

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You are most welcome. That is why we are here! :)  I will you will enjoy exploring more of this forum, and our other forums, and join in the discussions. 

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