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I know this subject has been asked and answered many times, but I can’t seem to find the appropriate place on this site to review them so I will ask again.  My DD is 12 and starting Toe.   She is at an extremely competitive and sometimes unforgiving studio.  She has been getting many many corrections.  I keep telling her its as good as a compliment ( especially when you listen and apply it) but today she felt like she was being especially called out by the teacher.   I think she should be flattered that such a prestigious faculty member believes she is good enough to spend time with, but she feels like she can’t do anything right.  Can anyone back me up so I can pass on the information and build her confidence 



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As your DD is just starting pointe, she most probably will get many corrections.  The use of pointe shoes is not inherent in our bodies and thus, there are many things the teacher is watching in terms of alignment, etc. in order to prevent injury and to promote muscle development.  I would be much more worried if she was receiving no corrections.

At this point, I don’t think I would consider corrections a ‘compliment’, but rather just par for the course in learning and progressing in skills.  If your DD really wants to progress on pointe, then she needs no only to accept and apply the corrections, but to welcome them.  The teacher will not give her more than she feels your DD can handle and process.  If your daughter is feeling overwhelmed with the instructions and having difficulty understanding or applying them, then perhaps she can talk to the teacher and let her know.  If your daughter feels too discouraged out the outset, perhaps she might delay going on pointe until some of her basic technique is stronger.  That might result in fewer corrections at the outset.

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My DD is only 9, but based on the amount of corrections she's been getting, was concerned she was so bad she was holding up the class. I recently chatted with our AD about it who had a few ideas about why she was getting so many: DD stands right by the music -- she is literally the first person the teacher sees at the start of an exercise; she works really hard, so teachers want to help her out; and the third one -- sometimes teachers can see that she thinks she's implementing something correctly, but it's not there yet, so they give it extra attention in case this is the day it works.

It's all amazing attention, but it's a process for kids to get used to the idea that it's OK to have lots to work on. 

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Just a mom here, but I see girls getting a lot more specific corrections when starting pointe because it’s easy to get into a bad habit and that can lead to serious injury.

At my DD’s studio, she feels a lot of corrections, especially from the AD, is a good thing. What my daughter has seen is that the AD tends to be more critical of the dancers that are capable of both pushing further (technique wise) and those dancers that can handle that level of critique (emotionally/maturity). There seems to be a correlation between the better dancers and the amount of correction. 

While my DD loves compliments as much as the next dancer, she’d rather have criticism from the instructors instead of the “doomed silence of mediocrity” as she puts it. 

Hang in there.

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8 hours ago, Jennsnoopy said:

the “doomed silence of mediocrity”

:lol: Oh I love this quote, that just made my day!

Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming to be given so many corrections in such a short period of time. I know many dancers who write their corrections in a little journal after class. This allows them to not stress about trying to remember everything at once. It also makes it easy to review what needs to be worked on and to set some goals for the next lesson (based on the most common corrections from the week just gone).  

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