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Help me find the Talisman please?

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Hello! I'm new to this forum, though I lurk off and on to find useful info sometimes.  This is my first time posting. Short intro, I am 30 years old and trained for 17 years but decided to go a different route career-wise. I now dance at home and take occasional classes for personal enjoyment.  I will always love ballet! (and dance in general)
So, I have seen a couple clips, a variation and some of the pas de deaux....however, I can't seem to find somewhere that has a video (even for purchase, streaming or hard copy, would be fine) of the full Talisman ballet.  I have skimmed a few pages about the ballet, and it seems to be pretty rare, but I understand there was a performance in 1997 if I'm not mistaken.  Surely there has to be video of that performance floating around somewhere? Or even some small school or company whose teacher once performed it and had her dancers learn it...
Basically I don't care about the quality of the video or the dancers, I just want to hear the music and see the choreography and story.
Please, if anyone knows how I can watch this ballet, tell me! I'm so curious haha. Thanks in advance!


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There’s a pretty interesting discussion from over 10 years ago about this ballet on our sister board, BalletAlert!, with old pictures:


I was unable to find a full video version online, although I did discover a horror movie called Talisman...perhaps others will have better luck than I.

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Thank you for the link!  I've skimmed it and it looks like some interesting info! I'll definitely be reading over this.

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Thank you!

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