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Dance Programs UK with Visa assistance

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I was wondering if anyone knows of dance schools in the UK that have short-term dance programs for international students or programs that offer visa assistance?

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How long do you mean akg? There are many dance schools in the UK which offer year round courses, which are often 2-3 years long. There are many overseas students who I'm sure will have to have a visa. Have you got particular programmes in mind?

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Several UK ballet schools run short summer intensives,. Because the summer holidays here start later & are shorter than those in the US, summer courses tend to be a week or two weeks. And as Font has posted, there are also several of the world's best ballet schools in the UK< which offer 2-3 year programmes at senior high school, and university level.

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Sorry I wasn't specific enough. I work for a dance school, and we were looking to see if there are any short-term programs for a couple of days to two weeks. For full-time schools, we, of course, looked at the Royal Ballet, the English National Ballet, etc. but we were also looking for anyone that sponsors a student for a visa in the UK. For instance, Steps has a program where international students specifically can study in the states. 

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There are short-term summer schools: the Royal Ballet, the Yorkshire Ballet Workshop, the ENB, and Ballet West (off the top of my head). These are all one to two weeks long. How many of those would sponsor visas is another question entirely. I'd imagine that non-EU participants come under a visa- waiver scheme or on a holiday/tourist visa.

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