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Drop in adult class in Taipei?


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Hi all!

I'm planning to visit Taiwan early next year and am wondering if there are any classes I can take, or any must-visit dance stores in Taipei and Sanxia.

I am planning to stay in Sanxia (a bit outside of Taipei). Has anyone tried taking adult classes in Taiwan?


Thanks in advance!!

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I spend several months most years in Taipei, and yes, there are several places you can take ballet classes.

I go to WuYi (舞藝舞蹈補習班), which is near Taipei Main Station (all of 50 yards from MRT exit M7). They only have one studio, it's a bit old fashioned, and a lot cramped, but it works. The website has a timetable in English (http://rayhsiao2002.myweb.hinet.net/timetable10701E.htm). Just be aware that 'Basic' isn't always that basic! The Chinese timetable divides classes into a few more categories. Like most places, there will be teachers you 'click' with and ones you don't. Some classes are very popular indeed, and a few of Taiwan's pro/semi-pro dances can be found in some, which is testament in itself. Single classes are 400NT but they have various carnets, which bring the cost down a lot. The place works pretty much solely in Chinese, but there's usually someone around who can speak some English and help out.

Other studios are usually smarter and can be a lot more expensive. In 2016, someone wrote this, which details a few of them: https://thebackpackingballerina.com/2016/06/13/where-to-take-ballet-classes-in-taiwan-taipei/

The only one I've been to is Paramita. Nice owner, speaks some English. Studio has very lot ceilings and is small.

I've also been to Studio 62 but not taken class. It's run by Wang Tzer-shing, who used to dance in the US and speaks excellent English: https://www.facebook.com/62芭蕾舞蹈教室-Le-Studio-62-288824437895064/
(if this link doesn't work, search for 62芭蕾舞蹈教室 - Le Studio 62 on Facebook)

Regarding dance shops, most are in HanZhong Street (漢中街), just around the corner from Ximen MRT. Best is Bourdance (www.bourdance.com.tw)

There's also TuTu Dance Store - the Backpacking Ballerina does it again here: https://thebackpackingballerina.com/2017/04/12/tutu-dance-store-taiwan

Hope that all helps but if I can help more, just ask.


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I second WUYI. They did have a smaller room down the "hall" or actually alleyway. Follow backpacking ballerina's instructions. It's tucked away upstairs and not visible from the street. If you are near the Cosmos hotel you are very close. 90% of the instruction is in Chinese but the steps are given in proper ballet terms. Learn to count to 8 in chinese and you will be fine.

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Kenny Wang's place is in NewTaipei City- doable by MRT but away from central Taipei. He organizes the YAGP equivalent in Taiwan and calls it the Taiwan Grand Prix.

350NT for a trial class- it is usually 33NT per USD so not a bad price.

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hi....... I attend  classes at Wuyi too. I am going to Taipei next week and I want to check the schedule.  Unfortunately the website prompted error.  Does anyone knows if there is a new website? Thanks

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I'm getting the error message too. I don't think there's a new website. Maybe just the server down.

The latest schedule is also on their Facebook page

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