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Thinking about going Pro

Maddie Rougier

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I’ve been dancing since i was 3, i’m 14 now, and ive been at the same studio all my life and while it’s great we don’t do the nutcracker, we don’t go to the YAGP and i feel like i’m not getting the right amount of ballet training i would like, so i made this deal with myself to see if i can get into a summer intensive for this upcoming summer and if i do i’ll think about leaving and going somewhere that’s more in the running for becoming a professional ballerina, but if i do get in is it going to be to late to start auditioning for the YAGP and start thinking about becoming professional?

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Firstly, it's the quality and quantity of training that opens the door for a dancer to become a paid professional- not whether they've performed in The Nutcracker or YAGP. If you aren't getting the right amount of training that you would like, find another school.

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And so yes I agree but also at the studio i’m at now all of the teachers were once professional and truly amazing dancers and I think the quality is amazing I just always feel like I will be left out if I don’t do the ‘typical’ ballet school training such as the Nutcracker or going to the YAGP. 

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You won't . If the quality and quantity of the training is "amazing" then you can certainly be in a position to become a professional dancer.

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