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Hi All,

I was hoping to find a good book about ballet for boy. Most of the books I can get here are aimed squarely at girls. Was hoping to get him a book for Christmas. Any suggestions very much appreciated. He’s 10😊.

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How old is your son? David Halberg just published his memoir, but it may be too personal for a young boy.  I suggest you read the reviews before purchasing this book.

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I am borrowing suggestions from another list, so I haven't read these,  but you may want to look them up:

Alex Ko, From Iowa to Broadway, My Billy Elliott Story

D'Amboise, I was a Dancer

Derek Hough, Taking the Lead



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Jacques D'Amboise's book is a lot of fun but includes frank references to things in his childhood that might be hard for a young kid-- like experience with a flasher, racist beliefs amongst kids in washington heights when he was growing up, discussions of the sexuality of dancers and choreographers-- nothing really scandalous but I decided upon reading it that my 12 yo was a little young for the book. I enjoyed it though! 

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Thanks everyone! We’ve read Maos last dancer which we both enjoyed. Actually managed to get a signed copy for my son when I saw Li speak. I’ll try looking for the others. There seems to be so much out there for girls but very few books for boys. I was actually looking for a book about ballet for boys. ie boys steps, attire, make-up, famous male dancers etc but I can’t seem to find anything appropriate. Anyway he will love a biography.

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Erik Bruhn: Danseur Noble is a great biography.  I forget right now whether or not there are some inappropriate moments, but I feel like it was fairly clean.  

The Ballet Book by Deborah Bowes has excellent pictures of both young male and female dancers performing steps, and it has some boys’ steps in it, such as tours en l’air, demonstrated.  I haven’t looked at it in awhile, so not sure if it’s “mens’ work” as a section, or if that’s just part of the allegro section.  All of the student models are from the National Ballet School of Canada.

You’re right—this is a huge gap in the market!!!!

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