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I’m new here, I started taking ballet classes about a year ago at the age of 52, I started with 2, 1 hours classes a week and now I’m up to 5 hours of ballet class a week. I got started because I had started to take my godson to the kids class, he was almost 5 when he started, and the staff at the school asked if I’d be taking the adult class in front of my godson, it had taken me a year to convince him to give dance a try and as he had just started I couldn’t think of a reasonable explanation of why it was ok for him to take dance lessons but not me. So I thought I’d give it a couple weeks and then just let it drop off, but I found I really enjoyed it. I have found a couple beneficial medical positives that keep me coming back for more. So yea a year in on a happy accident.


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What a great story!  Thanks for sharing!  Glad you are enjoying your "happy accident." :)

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Hi Godfather,

nice to hear that you've gone to 5 hours a week already. Welcome to the forum!

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