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Summer Intensives Not On Pointe

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I've heard quite a bit about the benefits of a summer program for dancers, especially as they get older. 

I want to audition for one this year, but since I am not on pointe at age 14 my options are rather limited. 

My strongest professional interests are contemporary ballet and choreography, so I am sure there is a summer program for me somewhere but I don't know where to look. 

Does anyone have advice/programs that might work out?

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Posters please remember this is the Young Dancers forum, thus, a Teacher-Moderator must reply first, and thereafter only Moderators and YD members are permitted to post. 😉

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Clara 76

Have a read through our Summer Intensive Forum!!!! Each SI is listed alphabetically and as you read, pretty quickly you will get the vibe as to which ones are more contemporary than others!

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