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Resuming ballet after 18 month break

MI Carly 2022

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Should I do anything to prepare to return to ballet. I haven't had a class for 18 months.  Can I jump into full time or should I ease back?  How long until I can wear pointe shoes again?  I only stopped ballet due to lack of money 

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Carly, since you have had quite a lot of training, I would suggest that you start NOW with basic barre work at home, and stretching, of course. (Barre work first, then stretch!) When you get to Peoria and find a new school, I would suggest still starting slowly, perhaps with a class a bit below the level where you were 18 months ago, and build back your strength and technique.  I can't tell you how long it will take to get back to pointe work, but that will be a decision for your new teachers. :)

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Thank you. I have been following your advice. I have a placement class arranged in a couple weeks at one school and another school will be sometime after

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