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I can't turn


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So... I have a problem.

I just can't turn.

It seems that no matter how long I can balance, and no matter how hard I try to spot... I just can't do it...


I can balance in a turned out retire for ages, but for some reason I just can't turn in centre.

I'm not sure if It is because I can't control the speed I turn, or if I just can't spot or something, but I REALLY need help!

Please ask me questions about this so you would be able to help me in my aid to turn!

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Welcome Potato Tots!!!! Love the name!!!! Can you give us more information, please? Can you literally not rotate after your prep (which is???), or do you fall out of a turn?

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haha, sure, I can easily rotate around while turning, it's just hard for me to stay balanced and to keep my spot, landing is also a problem too. My prep is just a basic fifth with the arms, with my legs bent in fourth. I have a lot of trouble spotting, and I find it hard to not fall out of a turn.

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Aha! With turns from 4th it is easy to twist the body out of alignment, and to be unable to control the momentum from a "bent stick" perspective.

Take a tendu close 5th devant in the best 5th you've ever done. Plié and try just to pull up to relevé retire without allowing your toes to leave your leg on the way up and down. Next, practice only 1/4 turns using the same process. Move on to 1/2, then singles, until you can end your single with your leg still in retire! It will be a process but you will eventually achieve your goal!

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Thank you soooo much! I have been trying your tip for the past 30 minutes, and have already found myself holding retire longer, and spotting better!

I will be sure to keep trying until I reach my goal!


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:D I know you can do it!!!!!!

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