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   Hello, my name is Brittney and I am new to this forum!! I started dance this year (yes I am late) but I did dance from age 2-6 or 7, then went on to gymnastics, then cheer at age 11 until 13. I hyperextended my knee quite badly and did not do anything about it because I didn't cry so I thought it wasn't bad... I was wrong. Now I am too scared to go back to cheer even though I miss it a lot sometimes. I tried dance again in September and loved it so much, the people at the studio were so much nicer than anywhere I've ever been and it was great! Sadly at the time I became so into my ed that I had to quit with me at such a low weight. Now I am back to a healthier weight and am doing dance again! I love ballet, jazz, lyrical, and tap the most. I have been working on technique on my own time while I was and am in recovery including pre/demi point work which I found easy because I would use lots of the training for that in cheerleading as I was a flyer. The last time I did cheerleading was two years ago, though I still have lots of my skills except the skills I injured myself doing. I am thinking about also trying acro because I used to be working on running and standing fulls (standing is a back tuck with a full twist upside down and running is the same but in layout form) I still have all my graceful skills and a back handspring skills because I'm scared of rebounds but I got myself to do a roundoff backhandspring yay! I'm so excited to be in this form and hopefully you can help and I can help you all too! One day I wish to be en pointe and I hope I can make progress and get advice from everyone else in this forum, thank you!

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Victoria Leigh

Welcome to our forums, Brittney.  I see you have posted in our Young Dancer forum, so I will address the things you discuss there.

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