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Late start and going pro??


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   I really want to be able to go pro in ballet, I started late (this year) but I have more passion for dance than most things I've ever done! It's high up there with my music!!! I know it is hard to go pro with any amount of training and the later you start, it gets even harder. I have improved a lot since the beginning. I knew nothing. I had the flexibility and strength from past sports (gymnastics and cheerleading) but I knew no terminology. Now I've worked up to in a couple months to be intermediate in my studio and being more up there in the class. Currently I have little confidence on this but that's what I've been told. I love dance and I want to know how I could get into pointe classes next year or something? Would it be possible? I have extremely strong ankles and my arch is okay. I work hard every class. What could I do at home to help? What should I be working on to be getting to where I want to be? What technique should I work on? I also take jazz, tap, and lyrical. Then next semester I will be doing dance academy at my high school. Next year I would like to online school though due to my anxiety and stuff like that. Would mental illness be a turn off for being in an audition for a pro company? I live in a small city, in Canada, in one of the smaller provinces. There is no ballet companies near me or schools to help me go pro. There is one school in my area I would one day like to go to though it is very cliquey and I feel like I wouldn't enjoy the environment. If anyone could help me out, that would be great!

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Brittney, I think it is way too early in your training to think about becoming a  professional classical dancer. For now I think you just need to focus on doing your classes. We cannot tell you what you should be working on because we cannot see you and do not know the training you are receiving. It sounds like it is diverse, but not necessarily focused on pre-professional ballet. If there is a better school for classical training I would not let a "feeling" that they are "cliquey" deter you from trying it.  You need highly qualified professional teachers to help you to know your own abilities and potential. The only way to become a professional dancer is highly intensive and concentrated training. We cannot address questions of mental illness here. 

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